My research interests lie in ad hoc and sensor networks, and more generally in the Internet of Things (IoT) systems. After proposing some localized connected area coverage solutions during my PhD period (2004-2007), I have been tackling medium access control (MAC) and routing issues in IoT networks. For all the following activities, I consider fault-tolerance and security as two major cross-cutting challenges that must be addressed carefully. I especially focused on preamble-sampling approaches in order to enable a priori configuration of heterogeneous Low-Power Listening (LPL) values, runtime adaptation of preamble and sampling periods and communications of mobile nodes with a static infrastructure of LPL devices. Over the past few years, I have investigated the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and its emerging networking protocols to guarantee bounded delays and consumption. I am considering protocol stacks that are in the scope of some IETF working groups (e.g., 6lowPAN, roll, 6tsch) and which consider synchronous medium access (e.g. IEEE 802.15.4 standard). I am studying distributed strategies to schedule wireless transmissions, while reducing control overhead and taking into account network dynamics. Overall, I have been particularly interested in performance evaluation and research methodology to obtain scientific results that can be used and reproduced by the community.

Current PhD Students

I have the pleasure to co-supervise the following PhD students:

Past PhD Students

I had the pleasure to co-advise or co-supervise the following PhD students:

Ongoing research projects

  • 2021-23: GLOCAT (Région HdF, Soutien aux Travaux Interdisciplinaires, Multi-établissements et Exploratoires - volet “Partenarial”, STIMulE), GéoLOCalisation d’ATtaques sur réseaux sans fil
  • 2020-23: GIS CybCOM (Région HdF, Soutien à l’animation de collectifs de recherche, SACR), Cyber sécurité des systèmes embarqués communicants sans fil
  • 2021-2025: CIRRELT-LAMIH International Research Project (IRP CNRS)
  • 2020-2023: Cyber F-IT (Erasmus+, Strategic Partnerships for higher education), Cyber Security – Training Students and Scholars for the Challenges of Information and Communication Technologies in Research and Studies for Internationalisation

Past research projects

  • 2018-2021: Secure workflow access control (Cisco)
  • 2018-2021: nano-NET (ANR JCJC), Nano Autonomous Systems for a totally Decentralized Internet.
  • 2017-2018: NETINDUS (PHC Tournesol),
  • 2016-2017: SEMNET - Semantic Sensor Networks for Smart Factories (API ICube).
  • 2015: FIT-III (MoU), Memorandum of Understanding between FIT IoT-lab and Institute for Information Industry (Taiwan)
  • 2015: Diag@IoT (Idex project, University of Strasbourg).
  • 2014-15: UBIQUITY (API ICube), Auto-configurable Wireless Sensor Network for urban climatology investigation.
  • 2012-14: IRIS (ANR INFRA), All IP Networks for the FutuRe Internet of Smart Objects.
  • 2012-14: EXPRESS (PHC, programme STAR), EXPerimental REsearch in Sensor Systems.
  • 2012– 2013: EXPRESS (PHC STAR), EXPerimental REsearch in Sensor Systems.
  • 2011-19: FIT (Investissements d’avenir, Equipex), Future Internet of Things.
  • 2010-11: EXPRIMA (BQR Unistra), Experimentations for wireless mesh networks.
  • 2009-12: DAHLIA (DGCIS/ANSP), Experimental platform of home automation for telehomecare and remote monitoring for elderly.
  • 2008-11: SensLAB (ANR TLCOM), Very large scale open wireless sensor network testbed.
  • 2006–09: CNRS/WIDE (ANR), Collaboration internationale CNRS, JST (Japon)